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Extremely Together Movement brought to the Philippines by KRIS and Kofi Annan Foundation

On the 14th of December 2020, KRIS formally launched its latest venture together with the Kofi Annan Foundation (KAF), “Extremely Together Philippines - Panaghiusa” or ET PH for short. This chapter will serve as the Filipino equivalent of KAF’s Extremely Together movement, a youth-led initiative focusing on preventing and combating the effects of violent extremism. ET PH hopes to achieve such a goal by educating its members and participants on the importance of peace, the state and challenges of peace-building in the country, and what opportunities are available for the Filipino youth. Additionally, it aims to bring together like-minded organizations and strengthen the ties between these entities to create a peace-building network in the country.


One of the events that will be hosted by ET PH is the Panaghiusa International Peace Camp and Grants Competition. (Posted by Extremely Together Philippines)


ET PH will begin with its Panaghiusa Peace Camp in January 2021 and focus in different areas of the country including Metro Manila and other cities in South Philippines. The Campers have been selected all over the country and by their willingness to learn and to further spread the message of peace of the organisations involved in the projects. Additionally, KRIS has conducted research on the existence of violent extremism in the country and how Filipinos view peace; materials of such research will be published for the review and reference of those interested and affected by such issue.

The Panaghiusa Peace Camp hopes to bring together communities of contrasting backgrounds and experiences and give them a safe space where they can envision how to move forward as a joint entity. The Camp will also introduce mentors from this country and the Extremely Together international community to its participants to share their experiences and tips on how to attract more of the youth to their cause. At the end of this venture, grants will be awarded to the chosen projects conceived during the Camp and will be assisted by KRIS in implementing these initiatives for peace.

High hopes fill the minds and hearts of those involved as they wish that ET PH would be able to spark the interests of the Filipino youth in peace-building and making. The Panaghiusa Peace Camp occurs throughout the first quarter of 2021 but with much effort, support, and luck, its ideals and message will spread on and last. For those interested in participating in the Peace Camp or joining the ET PH movement, you may contact KRIS and ET PH through their social media pages.

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