From its birth in 2008, KRIS was able to provide around 400 scholarship grants to students in need and who have shown exceptional activity in both their academics and extracurriculars. KRIS scholars were also given a chance to give back to their communities even more with regular volunteering at the KRIS Libraries in their neighborhoods. ​​

Donation Drives

Thanks to the support of its donors and the hard work of its volunteers, the donation drive of KRIS has benefited other organizations other than the KRIS Peace Libraries in the past. Public schools, government offices, and even fellow book donation drives received computers and books to further the education of the youth they assist through the work of KRIS and its supporters.

We are a non-profit organization based in the Philippines that aims to promote peace through education by empowering young people to become pillars of peace in their own families, schools, and communities.

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