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Be flexible with your plans; think outside the box.

No one expected the Covid-19 Pandemic to arise in late 2019 when it was discovered and we all certainly did not think that it could create a “new normal” when cases were first reported. We all thought that we would only have to wait for a few weeks for our lives to resume and yet here we are, over two years later, still waiting for the virus to be eliminated.

The “New Normal” is a drastic example of what it means to think out of the box. As soon as we realized that Covid-19 is going to affect us in the long run, businesses sought different methods of connecting to customers and bringing products closer to our homes, schools and their books and papers went digital, and even organizations like ours fled to the Internet to keep on promoting peace and speak on our advocacies. 

As you build your own project, think of the things that could go wrong. What happens if natural disasters like typhoons strike your community and you were hoping to hold an outdoor outreach? What can you do if you hoped to create thousands of materials but unfortunately can no longer afford the costs as the prices of your local printing shop went up? 

Create back-up plans and alternatives as you craft your activities; with this, you end up prepared for whatever may come your way and you are able to guarantee your project the highest chance of success. If nothing unfortunate ends up happening, at least you saved yourself the panic and stress that could go with a sudden change in plans.


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