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We Educate

We organize training programs for young peace-builders from 15 to 30 years old

We Empower

We provide grants to youth leaders who want to promote peace in their own communities

We Inspire

We create online and offline campaigns to spread the values of peace, unity, and empathy

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Extremely Together

Extremely Together is a movement created by the Kofi Annan Foundation towards achieving peace all over the world. KRIS’s founder and leader, Arizza Nocum, was chosen alongside other 10 leaders all over the world to be a part of this movement. The first task of Extremely Together was to create a guide for the youth on peace-building in their own communities. 

Together with the Kofi Annan Foundation and the European Union, KRIS is currently in the midst of acting upon a two-year project, “Leading the way to Peace - Youth Together for Social Cohesion,” that aims to strengthen the networks and capacities of its fellow Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the Filipino youth in building and developing different means to achieve peace in the country.

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Image by Natalie Pedigo

IsangBayan PH

IsangBayanPH is a series of conferences launched and run by KRIS that focus on youth peace-building. It serves as an introduction to young Filipinos to the background and current challenges that peace-building has in the unique context of the country.

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Apart from projects and drives in the offline, physical sphere, KRIS has taken advantage of the rise of technology and has launched and taken part in various digital campaigns to forward its cause and the story of peace in the country.


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