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KRIS envisions a world where young people are able to realize their full potential by having (1) access to quality education, including values education, (2) opportunities to build their skills and capacities as leaders and peacebuilders, (3) access to gainful employment, livelihood opportunities, and structures of justice, and (4) meaningful connections with policymakers, the civil society, and the private sector to lead the way in accelerating peace and development.


To achieve this, KRIS intends to educate, empower, and inspire the youth - particularly young Filipinos - through various programs and enable them to create ripples of positive change that start with themselves, then their families, schools, workplaces, communities, and beyond.

From 2024 - 2030, KRIS aims to:

  • Reach 1 million youth through education and capacity-building programs

  • Empower 10,000 youth to lead the way in peacebuilding and social cohesion through seed grants and other mobilization instruments

  • Mobilize 100 youth organizations to call for collective action from policymakers and the public and private sector to work together towards peace and development


KRIS started as "Kristiyano-Islam Peace Library" and was inspired by the interfaith marriage of a Christian man and a Muslim woman from the region of Mindanao

KRIS started by building peace libraries, providing scholarship grants, and distributing books to young people affected by conflict and poverty

KRIS is proud to bring together a team of passionate individuals who go beyond the job and are peace-builders in their own right

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