KRIS envisions educated and well-rounded Filipino youth actively working towards a conflict-free and progressive Philippines.


KRIS commits to developing Filipino youth by building avenues that cultivate a cycle of empowerment. The organization aims to strengthen the networks between the youth and its fellow CSOs through different projects, campaigns, and exhibits to showcase unity in the country despite differences between individual Filipinos.

Meet The Team

Arizza Nocum


As the daughter of a Muslim mother and a Catholic father, Arizza grew up in a multi-religious household that inspired her to pursue her lifelong advocacy in peace and unity. 

Aside from her work in KRIS, Arizza is one of 10 young leaders from all over the world selected to head the Extremely Together alliance under the Kofi Annan Foundation. She is also a One Young World Ambassador and the recipient of multiple awards in public service and youth leadership.

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Adrian Marcelino

Project Officer for Monitoring and Evaluation

Adrian has worked in the sectors of agriculture and development research since finishing his BS Agricultural Economics degree at the University of the Philippines - Los Baños. 


He is an advocate of research and proper treatment of data as a basis for sound program implementation and policy formulation. He believes that everyone should have access to a secure, peaceful, and meaningful life. This is what he ultimately aims for during his time with KRIS.  


Beyond working as an officer for Monitoring & Evaluation, he spends his free time creating/consuming music, food, art, and culture as a way to keep his sanity.

Erika Zamora

Project Officer for Communications

Erika Zamora has been writing for most of her life, dabbling in short stories, poetry, and of course academic requirements. Her interest in communications and background in living as a Catholic in a Muslim country (as a child of OFWs) led her to choose her course and eventually start a career in communications work that simultaneously tackles her different advocacies. She hopes that her time with KRIS and her fellow teammates will allow her to make use of her talents and learn how to contribute more to the world of peace-building in the country.

She has a Bachelor' Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations from the Ateneo de Manila University.

Cedrix Rodriguez

Admin and Finance Officer

In the past, Cedrix has held finance and auditin positions to two of the biggest companies in the Philippines. When he is not working, he volunteers his free time in participating and extending his hand to different NGOs and organizations related to youth, environment, and education. Additionally, he has also spent time providing admin support to NGOs.

During his journey with KRIS, he hopes to learn more from the youth, especially fellow Filipinos, on how they can promote and practice peace in their own unique way.


We are a non-profit organization based in the Philippines that aims to promote peace through education by empowering young people to become pillars of peace in their own families, schools, and communities.

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