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KRIS was born in 2008 when the first Kristiyano-Islam Peace Library was established in Manicahan, Zamboanga City through the efforts of an interfaith family composed of a Roman Catholic father and a Muslim mother.

The family - Armand, Ann, and their daughter Arizza Nocum - together started a movement that drew on the harmony built in their home - a harmony that was a stark contrast to the terrorism, violent extremism, and conflict that affected the lives of millions of Filipinos. 


Realizing that education is a key step in promoting peace particularly in the most vulnerable communities, the Nocums started building libraries that would be centers of peace for young people in diverse communities. 6 libraries were eventually established that offered free reading materials, free use of computers and the internet, and activities that fostered social cohesion. At the same time, thousands of educational materials were donated to schools and communities in conflict zones.

In 2011, Arizza took on the role of leading KRIS, and launched a scholarship program for youth living in conflict- and poverty-affected areas. From 2011-2017, 400 scholarship grants were provided to students from preschool to university, with the roster of KRIS graduates now boasting teachers, health professionals, civil servants, community leaders, and advocates in its ranks.

From 2018, KRIS then focused on building the capacities of young Filipinos to become leaders in peace and development. In partnership with the Kofi Annan Foundation and its Extremely Together (ET) alliance, KRIS works with youth-led and youth-focused organizations all over the world to train young people to become active peacebuilders. Extremely Together Philippines - Panaghiusa, the local arm of ET, now includes more than 1,000 young Filipinos in its network.

More than just capacity-building, KRIS invests in young people through seed grants provided to youth organizations with promising ideas for peace and progress. Since 2020, KRIS has provided financial support to 24 youth organizations that have reached thousands through their programs across the Philippines.

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