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KRIS envisions educated and well-rounded Filipino youth actively working towards a conflict-free and progressive Philippines.


KRIS commits to developing Filipino youth by building avenues that cultivate a cycle of empowerment. The organization aims to strengthen the networks between the youth and its fellow CSOs through different projects, campaigns, and exhibits to showcase unity in the country despite differences between individual Filipinos.


KRIS was born in a time when conflict was rampant all over the world due to activities by violent groups. Different communities, especially religious minorities in the predominantly Christian Philippines, suffered due to the warped views of their religion that these violent extremist groups popularized and due to the fear of their fellow Filipinos. Their challenges worsened when these violent activities led to bombings, war, and death on their soils. 

Additionally, poverty and the lack of access to proper education for the youth drastically transformed the avenues these Filipinos had to achieve peace in their lands and lives.


In 2008, Armand Dean N. Nocum and his family set up the first Kristiyano-Islam Peace Library in Manicahan, Zamboanga. This came after the realization that books must come with an effective book program that will promote literacy and learning for the children. The idea of building a buzzing hive for learning in the community was also put into play. The first KRIS Library, at its peak, boasted of around 10,000 selections of books, a set of computers free of use, established tutorial and mentoring activities, and an average of 100 visitors per day. 


Five more KRIS Libraries were put up in 2011 and 2012 under the administration of Nocum's daughter, Arizza Ann S. Nocum. Growing up in an interfaith family (with a Catholic father and a devout Muslim mother) became the source of inspiration for Arizza to continue her father’s work as she wished for other Filipinos to find peace in their lives in the same way they had found peace in their family and home.

Although KRIS Library started in 2008, the organization formally re- launched in September 2016 to induct a new core team, advisory board, and volunteer base. It affirmed its pledge to improve its operations, expand its reach through more libraries and scholarships, and innovate in the fields of peace and education through its upcoming projects.

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