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Create clear ideas. You can’t solve every problem, focus on the one that is immediate to the community.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect and everything. It just has to be your best”


From the beginning and end of your project creation, you must be clear about the goals and objectives you want to achieve. 

Although it’s tempting to set your mind towards saving the world, we are not heroes with powers and we cannot solve every problem that exists. As we try to create solutions for world issues, we must figure out what exactly we’re trying to solve. We must research intensely and consult with those directly affected by these challenges. 

We must know who we are trying to aid and who our beneficiaries will be and who we will partner with. All of our projects must focus on raising awareness to their struggles and giving them a voice, because of this, we must be clear whose voices we are trying to let the world hear.

Together Tip: There is no shame in starting with small steps. Remember, the first step is already half the battle.


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