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3. Handang Halalan

           i. Handang Halalan was created as a response to bad governance, one of the main causes of poverty and violent                  extremism. The project focused on providing voters' education and voting literacy campaigns as well as                              registration assistance to the chosen communities in time for the 2022 elections. Under the guidance  of ET PH,                the group was able to conduct mock elections and training sessions as well as gather the data of unregistered                    voters in the communities they visited.

          1. If you were a part of Handing Halalan, what other activities would you propose to promote good governance?                    Write three ideas below!

          2. Handang Halalan was created specifically for the 2022 national elections. How else can you promote voters'                        education and good governance without the urgency of such an event?

          3. If you were a part of the organizing committee, what kind of challenges or problems regarding this project                          would you try to plan for?

b. Project Abakada aimed to create stories of inspiration and information to educate their readers on child abuse and the issues that stem from it.

         i.  During their project's duration, the group was able to research on 3 true-to-life narratives concerning violence                  and harm towards children and create 105 copies of books based off of these. They were also able to distribute                  these copies to 35 partner organizations all over the country and create an online platform for these stories.

         1.  How can Project Abakada attract a bigger audience to promote the importance of the safety of a child using                      their books and different forms of media (TV, the internet, etc.)

         2. How can the organizing committee further advocate for the rights of the childern and the youth? List down three               ways the group can widen the scope of their cause. 

         3.  If you were a part of the organizing committee, what kind of challenges or problems regarding this project                          would  you try to plan for?

        c.  Lettuce Be Happy

             i. Lettuce be Happy  focused on the establishment of lettuce hydroponic  production in Zamboanga City to                            assist victim-survivors of human trafficking. The project aimed to help them financially and give them diversions                  and healing from their psychological trauma.

               This group was able to foster a partnership with the Katilingban Para Sa Kalambuan Inc. (KKI) - Tanglawa Buhay                   Center for Children Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking and was able to turn over the entire hydroponic                   production set-up to their beneficiaries after their trial production and marketing of 41 lettuce heads. 

              1.  Apart from producing and selling lettuce heads, what else can the organizing team do in order to assist their                     project's partner-beneficiaries with the available resources?

              2.  Magtanim ay 'di biro,  there is si much truth to this folk song we would sing in school. List down 3 different                         problems the beneficiaries could encounter during production season and also different ways that they could                     lessen the blows of these challenges. 

             3.  Lettuce Be Happy was able to create a great relationship with a like-minded center and their beneficiaries.                          Who else could they possibly partner with to further their project? How would such partnerships benefit the                        victim-survivors of human trafficking?

Disclaimer : These activities aim to let you exercise your creativity, basic project pitching skills, and grow your ideas of community development. However, if you wish to share your thoughts, you may contact the Extremely Together Philippines Network at @ExtremelyTogetherPH on Facebook and Instagram or visit our website and submit your ideas at You can also post your ideas online with the hashtag: #ExtremelyTogetherPH #PanaghiusaPages

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