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Message from Extremely Together Philippines


Hello, dear reader!


The team at Extremely Together Philippines would like to thank you for exploring up this web magazine and joining us in this journey towards peace and understanding.


Our organization, along with our partner, the Kofi Annan Foundation, and with the support of the European Union, believes in the strength and power of the youth. We hope to guide and teach you about what is currently happening on our lands, and shores. With this knowledge, we hope that you may understand how fragile peace is but also learn how we can build this virtue in our communities.


We have noticed that there are little to no established spaces dedicated to the youth in the world of peace-building. If we want there to be a better future for us and for the Filipinos to come, we must be allowed to make decisions and join forces. In line with this, we have conducted this study to show this generation about what’s going on in our country. We hope this magazine would serve as a starting point for you to let you become a pillar of peace in your own environment and in your own way.


Should you continue beyond these pages, Extremely Together Philippines will be there to welcome and mentor you throughout your journey.

The study, from which this website was based on, aimed to 

  1. To find out what forms of violent extremism exist in the five target cities in the Philippines; 

  2. To establish how young people understand violent extremism as opposed to the definition of foreign countries;  

  3. To identify the factors that drive urban youth towards violent extremism in the target cities; and

  4. To draw lessons from local activities and contexts on how to reach, engage and mobilize the youth for preventing violent extremism

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