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Erika Zamora has been interested in stories for as long as she can remember and always has been carefully observing the lives and experiences of those around her. She developed the need to showcase the untold stories of the world as she witnessed the hardships of the OFW community she grew up with that and when she learned of the injustices and harm ordinary people (and even animals) face.
She got her start by dabbling in short stories, poetry, and of course, academic requirements. After graduating from university, she put her skills to the test and began to take up work in the communications field that would also allow her to tackle her different advocacies and principles. She has written speeches, news and feature articles, social media content, and other publications for the organizations she has been a part of.
She has a Bachelor's Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations from the Ateneo de Manila University.



Jack Lorenz Acebedo Rivera collaborates various peacebuilding and fundraising initiatives with various institutions. HEIGHTS Ateneo published his Children’s Book, Ang Multo sa Aming Klase (, that confronts the issues of the pandemic, the education sector, and children. A Palanca gold medalist and Deriada awardee, he publishes sociopolitical pieces on various platforms. His advocacies involve accessible quality education, equal opportunities for PWD, LGBTQIA+, single-parents and other minorities. He is currently a full scholar (BS Psychology) of Ateneo and DOST. Collaborate with him at




Jean is currently working full time at Philippine Normal University as part of Community Partnership and Extension Office; and freelancing as Web designer to a number of independent organizations.  
She is a degree-holder of BS Information Technology, and was hand-picked to undergo Language and Culture Studies as a Darmasiswa Scholar in Universitas Negeri Jakarta in Jakarta, Indonesia last 2019-2020.
She is zealous in her involvement in her local church's initiatives for the youth and in reaching out to the people in its community.



Gerimara is a visual communication designer and a graphic artist, designing and implementing purposeful and educational communication materials and strategies for the development of people’s lives, communities and the environment.

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