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#EduIkaw Now on its 4th Batch

On November 26, the #EduIkaw Project of KRIS was able to receive donations consisting of tablets, pocket wifi, and prepaid load from the PLDT-Smart Foundation. These gifts will be used to aid the 3rd Batch of beneficiaries of the initiative. Both KRIS and the PLDT-Smart Foundation hope that their joint efforts will aid more of the Filipino youth during these dark times where their resources are limited and inaccessible by the general public because of poverty, recent calamities, and the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.


Pictured above: beneficiaries of the partnership with KRIS and the PLDT-Smart Foundation with the supplies they received to catch up with their online studies. (Photo by: KRIS)


The #EduIkaw Project was launched last September 2020 as a response to the growing number of students who have been forced to give up their education in the meantime as they have no ways of connecting to their peers and teachers online. The previous batches were able to garner almost a hundred applications from students all over the country. With the support from KRIS, its donors and a partnership with an online shop (with the name of @sell4acause on Instagram), around 25 students were supplied with tablets that follow the prescribed requirements of DepEd.

KRIS would like to extend its gratitude to those who has assisted and donated to the #EduIkaw initiative and is grateful for an opportunity to give back to its fellow Filipinos. The organisation is willing to put in more effort into further developing the project, garner more partnerships, and accommodate more of the students’ needs in the near future.

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