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KRIS embarks on partnership with Colgate Philippines

During the last couple of months of 2020, Colgate Philippines launched their #SmileStrong campaign that featured notable personalities in the country, their optimism, and the actions and projects that their positive outlook in life has spawned. The campaign featured KRIS’s own founder and President, Arizza Nocum, and the story that led to her becoming a pillar of peace. Apart from this campaign, the KRIS Core Team and Colgate Philippines met together once again to create #Smilespace in line with the KRIS advocacy of promoting peace through education.

The partnership with Colgate Philippines hoped to launch a nationwide campaign on peace on the theme “Peace Begins With A Smile.” The campaign consisted of a webinar, the “Smilespace Digital Youth Peace Conference”, and a contest called the “Smilespace Art for Peace Competition.” The webinar was held on the 21st of November from 2 to 4 PM and focused on allowing the participants to interact with one another and share their stories and experiences of peace in the country.


Aside from #Smilespace webinar, KRIS was featured in Colgate Philippines' #SmileStrong campaign through founder and President, Arizza Nocum. (Photo by: Colgate Philippines)


While the webinar focused on the spoken word, the #Smilespace Art Competition turned its attention to the traditional and digital crafts of the Filipino youth and what their individual vision of peace looked like. The finished projects were shared on Colgate and KRIS’s online platforms to give the youth’s voice and skills more visibility. The winners of the contest and those who actively participated in the #Smilespace Webinar were gifted products from Colgate and even Distance Learning Kits to further help them through the ongoing pandemic.

Smilespace: Art for Peace's top artworks and winners were announced through Colgate Philippines' Facebook Page. (Photos from: Colgate Philippines)

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