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It has been over six years since the launch of the Extremely Together movement and over two years since we brought this initiative to our Filipino shores. 

Over this time, we have met with countless passionate and hopeful young Filipinos who wanted to help their country. We have been lucky enough to witness and assist with their various initiatives and projects in the name of peace. We were also blessed to have put together our Panaghiusa Peace Camp and Grants Competition a year ago in order to further aid these young advocates with their project management and provide them with seed grants to help them get started with their duties. 

This issue of Panaghiusa Pages aims to serve as a testament to the youth we have met throughout our journey and aims to document the good practices we have seen in their work and in ours. We hope that these pages will help more young Filipinos and provide them with some tips and pieces of advice in creating their own roads to peace in their communities. 

Written in these pages as well are some lessons we have learned from branches of Extremely Together in other countries. Our team was fortunate enough to meet with them through a conference and discover the strategies and methods they use to help  the youth in their country start and work on their own peace projects. We like to think of this issue as a group effort from the entire Extremely Together Network and as the perfect end to our invitation to our readers to take up the challenge and advocate for peace with us.

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