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SD: BiyayaNiJuan is a youth-led non-profit organization based in the Philippines which aims to help the Filipinos one at a time through the collaborative work of youth volunteers.


The common goal is to help Filipinos “Juan” at a time.

BiyayaNiJuan aims to help the Filipinos one at a time through the work of its youth volunteers.


“It was not made with the intention to be contemporary Messiahs but it was formed for us to act in any way we can.”


This organization was built when the pandemic started; because of this, they faced problems such as inactive members (due to internet connectivity, classes, or simply burnout) and competing with other entities that moved their activities online (such as internet trolls, sources of fake news, etc.). Fortunately, the members had learned to open their communication channels, internally and externally with their beneficiaries, and adapted to learning about different online channels that could be used to disseminate their advocacy and message.


The organization hopes to add more members to their ranks, partner with others who highly value the education of their beneficiaries, and to open up more services for their scholars all over the country. One of the wishes of their members is to meet their scholars face-to-face when time allows and to add more to the BiyayaNiJuan beneficiary roster.


“Peace-building and community development succeed through group efforts.Though it can be overwhelming and frustrating, these are not reasons for us to let things be and be paralyzed. As the Filipino Youth, we are the ones to inherit and fix the systems that were broken down and this may only be the chance for us to turn things around. Change starts with us.”


“Bridging the gap within the community and using this group to amplify the voice of each and everyone will be a great execution to solve the ongoing issues that we are facing right now. As an individual, what can JUAN do is to help each other and understand the situation within ourselves.”


“Peace-building is a process in which we are about to speak up about what we feel; from our inner self, we should maintain our relationship with others for a positive change in life. Let's unite and ignite so that we can make an immense change.”


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