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I am Making A Difference (I am M.A.D.) is a volunteer organization focused on mobilizing the Filipino youth in empowering our future generation to discover their dreams and passions, adopt a more values-oriented mindset, and eventually make a difference.


“Giving and Helping: it shouldn’t be grandeur. We shouldn’t underestimate the little things that we can do.“


This organization began when two individuals came together and took action upon their shared dream of doing good for others. They envisioned helping children to make them feel that they matter and that their dreams matter and to push for continuous action and positive impact on others. “I AM MAD,” also known as “I am Making A Difference,” showcases their message that helping others doesn’t have to be composed of grand gestures; each and every one of us is capable of bringing change to our communities in our own little way.                                                                                 

I AM MAD hopes to bring the youth together through volunteerism and to teach them what it means to be a passionate nation-builder even through small efforts.                                                    

The members rely on personal stories about their time in the organization in order to invite others to join them in their activities. The organization ensures to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment to welcome each and every one of their new and seasoned recruits.                                                                 

“We just really want to enjoy helping others, helping the community in simple things we can do. Though we continue to challenge ourselves, we don’t put much pressure on it. We just wanted to keep that simplicity and purity of why we do what we do.”


“Peace-building and community development might seem like a huge and overwhelming task but no one person has the sole responsibility of achieving this.The Filipino youth are capable of creating the positive changes we need in our nation today, so let's all keep doing our best and make a difference in our own ways, whenever and wherever we can.”     

“Everyone can contribute something positive. Sometimes, we don’t see the result of our efforts yet. Just don’t stop; eventually, things will find their way and we will reap the fruit in the end.”  

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I AM M.A.D (Making a Difference)

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