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Kilos Tayo, NCR! is an organization of young Filipinos who believe in creating more progressive, sustainable, and empowered communities in the Philippines, inspired by the work and ideals of Senator Francis “Kiko” N. Pangilinan.

Kilos Ko Youth was founded by the youth interns of the Office of Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, with the founding team consisting of just 5 officers.

The pandemic motivated the members and officers to take initiative and accept more responsibilities within the organization since they wanted chances to help others during the lockdown

Despite growing far beyond they imagined and undergoing many changes to their activities and strategies, their mission and vision stays the same: they wish to empower the youth and help them gain the initiative to assist in nation-building

Their work is rooted in providing service to the fellow Filipino youth and their countrymen

Members hoped to contribute to the development of the Filipino communities in terms of empowerment, progressiveness, and sustainability when they joined the group

“Moving forward is the most hopeful thing you can do,” on hardships and challenges the members face

Their name “Kilos,” (or “movement”) can be seen in their initiatives regarding youth empowerment and community development such as immersions, field interactions, and their organization’s stances on national issues

To their fellow peace-builders, they wish that we all immerse ourselves with the masses and the people we hope to serve to bring development closer to their ideals and learn how we can truly help them.

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