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The Rotaract Club of Metro Zamboanga is a community based nonprofit organization sponsored by the Rotary Club of Metro Zamboanga. We are a YORP –Based Organization composed of Young professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Student leaders.

“We aim to address all societal concerns, no matter what the factors of these issues are.”

The story of Rotary started with an attorney named Paul Harris back in February 1905. He hoped for a space where individuals could create long term relationships and exchange bright ideas to help their community. To this day, Rotary and the Rotaract Club follow this ideal by challenging themselves to take an active role in community development all over the world.

The Rotaract Club of Metro Zamboanga was created just two years ago. It was able to bag awards, despite its young age, in different competitions where they went face-to-face with other local Rotaract chapters and even international youth organizations. Their activities were seen to have embodied the spirit of the Rotary Club as they pushed through with donation drives, livelihood seminars, and even eco-education projects where they teach their community members on the importance of eco-friendly living.

Rotaract - Metro Zamboanga has been able to effectively showcase their talents and activities through online methods that have caught many of their current members’ eyes. 


The members see their future plans as opportunities to add to the history of the Rotaract Club and make their mark on the organization - now, they focus on different areas of community building and little by little, aim to eliminate different factors that prevent their fellow Filipinos from achieving peace in their environment.

The stories of other Rotaract clubs that came before them and that are existing by their side allows them to believe that the organization will last for a long time 

“I want to tell the youth about the importance of peace in a community and how it can contribute to the upliftment of our fellow citizens.


“Peace is not just about absence of War but also about counteracting different issues that harm ourselves and others.”


“Helping is something that’s second nature to us; our willingness to help anyone and everyone is what makes us special.”

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