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An organization that pursues to lead individuals in shaping the future generations that will strive for a greater potential and impact to the society.

“We’ve always seen the potential of the youth.”

Youth Service Philippines was born out of a group of friends’ want to be active in their own community in Tagum City. Unfortunately at the time, they failed to see any opportunities for the youth to take part in community development. Instead of giving up, the founders took this as the sign to create their own paths and goals to better their community and homes. 

Created in July 2017

Their first projects included sports seminars, tutorial services, and workshop and feeding programs.


They have received criticism about their work and members have been discouraged to pursue their duties as some believe that YSF tasks only distract them from their studies. However, the members hold their heads up high and continue on with their work, believing that there’s nothing wrong with wanting a better Tagum and have challenged themselves to balance their passions and academic work.


After seeing all the changes YSP has brought to the city with their activities, the people around them have seen their potential and have donated to their causes of further developing Tagum City and its surrounding communities.

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