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The Student Regent is the sole representative of the student body in the Board of Regents, the highest decision-making body in the university. Today, the OSR continues its mandate in leading the Iskolar ng Bayan, the pag-asa ng bayan, in serving the people.

Peace is not a product, but a process. It is not a destination that we arrive at someday, but rather, it is a never-ending journey that we must undertake collectively with everyone.

The UP Office of the Student Regent is the institutionalization of the tireless and continuous struggle of the students to be represented in the highest policy-making body of the university

– the UP Board of Regents.


Since its institutionalization, it has been active in advocating the interests of the students inside and outside the university. The UP Office of the Student Regent serves, represents the interests, and forwards the concerns of the students, the UP community, and the masses through collaborating with various sectors as well as building alliances with various figures and formations to create people’s campaigns and directly shape policies of the University.


The organization aims to shape policies inside and outside the university for the interest of students and peoples’ interests, and craft campaigns to increase awareness for various issues and mount public pressure to resolve them.

When it comes to facing challenges, the members have learned to turn to one another. They take their time to increase bonding and cohesion activities so that they can foster trust in the different committees.  Additionally, they have learned to take advantage of the various supporting technologies and learned how to use it best for the benefit of the students they serve.


The organization is strict with themselves when it comes to maintaining national-level alliances with formations and public officials to ensure that policies in the local government, bills in the legislature, and actions by the executive department are consistent with their own campaigns. They conduct various events that directly consult with their constituents and even build the skills and capacities of students and organizations


In the long run, they aim to be involved in as many system-wide bodies and committees that require its presence, and aid in facilitating student representation in various bodies and offices in UP’s units, colleges, and departments. The Student Regent, in the future, must be able to build campaigns that have national-level effects and is supported by a vast network spanning national formations, various educational institutions, UP system-wide offices, unit student councils, organizations and formations, and more.

“To resolve conflict and achieve peace, we must develop communities to improve their welfare, fight for their rights, and foster harmony and cooperation among each other. We must undo our arbitrary and antiquated practices to make way for new ones that will ensure that we all slowly provide for the needs and development of all. We must be unifying, assertive, and collaborative. We must invite more people to share our visions and educate ourselves alongside them how to achieve our goals.”

“As the famous quote by Mother Teresa says, "Peace begins with a smile," peace-building and community development starts with you and with being kind and caring for others. Because being kind and caring for others means that everyone has one goal: to help and love each other. It is a fundamental step towards community development. So don't be afraid to do such small acts of kindness to others; even small things can be of great value.”

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University of the Philippines Office of the Student Regent

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