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The UST Central Student Council is the highest governing student body of the university. It shall uphold the Christian ideals and objectives of the university, protect the students’ democratic rights and welfare, promote the intellectual, spiritual, socio-cultural and physical well-being of the students, and shall ensure the full participation of the studentry in all its endeavors.

“We ensure our community's voices were not left to the void. We can not say that we are progressing if one community or one person is left behind.”


UST Central Student Council is the highest student governing body of the University of Santo Tomas. They aim to be the forefront in protecting the students' rights and welfares through dialogues with the administration, programs and initiatives, and policies..


Their organization focuses on maximizing existing resources and coordinating with our partners. The members aim “to be of service to my fellow; one that Eagerly listens and fights for the pleas of the students.”


When welcoming new members, the organization first sets aside at least a week for the members to get to know one another. For them, it is important to allow the members to have different channels of communication to make them comfortable to mingle with one another; mixing without losing each others’ identity.



The organization hopes to implement more projects not only within their University but also in outside communities. The members always take opportunities to improve themselves as a individuals and strive for growth and excellence in everything that they do.


The members see their current progress as stepping stones towards a policy-driven student council.

“We envision a council that is grounded on policies that will be existing permanently and benefit all students. We hope to be the voice of the students in their struggles and the challenges that they face in their lives.”


“Peace-building and community development may have a lot of obstacles and setbacks, but this is the essential aspect that we must focus on in our initiatives, programs, and policies. We always focus on building peace, for our community, nation, and for the future as well. We must always champion the development of our partner communities and the minority because we can not say that we are progressing if one community or one person is left behind. Let us be champions of peace and sustainability because, as the youth, we have the power, energy, and the voice, to stand up for the minority, and speak on behalf of them.”


“We cannot have an empowered development without peace in the community that we live in. We, the youth, as a collective force are called to action as the community's peacebuilders to foster a more inclusive and united community to be able to implement an effective development project within communities.”



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