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We may be allies today, but we will become leaders tomorrow.


The LPU Young Filipino Advocates of Critical Thinking (yFACT-LPU) was founded in the year 2018 to promote the responsible use of social media and the need for meaningful initiatives that will educate the youth about the internet as a source of information.


Their organization strives to be a society’s asset of the University, devoted to the formation of the inbred Lycean that embodies the maxim Veritas et Fortitudo, Pro Deo et Patria (“Truth and Fortitude, For God and Country”).

Their members are guided by the ideals of the University’s Founder, former President Jose P. Laurel, when it comes to transforming online communities into safe spaces for healthy and intellectual discourse.


“We commit ourselves to promote critical thinking and informed decision-making through meaningful activities and informative campaigns that will be of great help in making Filipinos become responsible social media users.”



When facing challenges, the members aim to maintain their connection to each and every member.

“We created online events such as seminars and training sessions. We have gathered and encouraged a total of 500 members to join us and became the biggest and most active organization in LPU Manila.”


In order to properly welcome their new members and maintain close connections, their organization maximized every platform that they could use to reach every Lyceans.


In the future, they hope to reach not only the Lyceans but also every youth in the Philippines in promoting their advocacies of having critical thinkers, promoting the right and responsible use of social media in fighting disinformation and misinformation, and creating a safe space for everyone.


“With great leaders coming from our organization, we could all carry the legacy and the ideals no matter where we go because we believe that once a FACT buddy, will always be a forever FACT buddy.”


“We, as youth, are crucial in achieving peace because we are the future. We can learn and adapt to our surroundings. Similarly, we are eager to learn and apply what we have learned to achieve our objectives.”


“As a youth, we serve an important role in aiding the growth and development of our country. We are in charge of bringing social change to our nation. The future of a country is determined by us. We are needed in any area that we wish to advance. We must instill the sense of our strength and the importance of our position in nation-building.”

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LPU Young Filipino Advocates of Critical Thinking (yFACT-LPU)

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